Muhammadh Khalid

I have had several consultations from numerous migration agents for my personal cases as well as on behalf of for my siblings and friends. All the consultants I had met before Jane listened to my background and hastened to suggest a visa type which was obviously not an option at all. As I was aware of the requirements set by the state and federal governments, current trend of high points required to get a visa and the sectors or occupations that were in demand in different states, I knew that I did not stand a chance for the visa they were suggesting me.

Even though I was doing the best I could to get a visa, there was no shortage of confusion in taking decisions and exhaustion. However, I was so fortunate to have my employer and workmates who overwhelmed me with great support and care. My employer decided to offer sponsorship.

At the time of no hope in any migration consultants and paddling alone in my own way, my manager arranged a meeting with Jane at Opal Immigration to understand how a sponsored visa works. In my first meeting, I found Jane to be meticulous, dedicated, and sincere with high professional standard. She had studied my case and about the business before the meeting and she was super organized on that day. As she had done her research beforehand there was not much for me to tell her but there were plenty of new things for me to listen and digest. I was so impressed with her knowledge, experience, and the way she approached the case.

Jane is the most honest immigration agent I have ever dealt with and she does not make any efforts to force a client into a visa type that is wrong. In other word she spits out the truth, making the client realize where he/she stands and what must be done to seize a visa opportunity. No empty words to soothe or make the client comfortable (no blind hopes) but genuine care and concern to secure a pathway for her client to settle down in Australia.

I applied for Permanent Residency through Opal Immigration services. I am very happy to write that I am very satisfied with the services. I have found Jane Elliot to be knowledgable, fair, patient and very dependable.

We first used Opal Immigration Services to apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa. Even though we were living in Syria, they managed to organise and compile our application via email and post. It took the worry out of our hands and ended in success. Jane is now finalising our next application for a Spouse Visa.

Jane Elliot of Opal Migration Services provided us with a fast efficient service that took all the pain and delay out of the daunting prospect of applying for our visa. We would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for assistance in dealing with the Department of Immigration or advice regarding any Australian Visa.

I made a decision to build my career in Australia about a year into my course. I found Opal Immigration Services through a friend from uni as I gave up on doing the visa myself. Halfway through getting my documents together myself, I was so confused and just really stressed out with the jargon and all the underlying conditions for the visa application. Working with Jane was great. There was always communication, which I found very important. Every step of the way was guided and it was very clear on what was needed for the whole process to go through smoothly. I felt very comfortable with Jane as she is very process oriented and straight to the point.

A very professional and thorough visa processing service.

Opal Immigration Services were exceptional in assisting MicroPellets Australia to ensure our Technical Director could work in Australia. Opal Immigration enabled our company to understand the strict immigration requirements and develop a strong case for securing the right person from abroad. Without their assistance and knowledge I am sure we would have wasted many hours, experienced plenty of frustration and possibly been unsuccessful. Today our Technical Director has added the necessary technical capabilities to our company achieving our aim of being one of the leading suppliers in our industry.

This is no doubt a highly professional immigration consultancy. Jane was punctual and extremely informative regarding my application for permanent residency. This made me relax during this very stressful time in my life.

Opal Immigration Services handled the application for a Visa in the utmost professional manner. Jane Elliot always kept us informed on all aspects of the process and was excellent at explaining what could be expected within a potentially stressful situation and it was reassuring that everything was within her experience and capability to deal with. We would recommend Opal Immigration Services to anybody contemplating an application for a Visa to enter Australia.

I chose Jane to get me through my application for PR as it would have been a very cumbersome procedure and the probability of success uncertain. Jane being a true professional talked me through each and every law, policy, forms and other requirements such as the assessment procedure for Engineers Australia. Jane tackled all the hurdles, be it legal or pertaining to documentation, which if not for her would be really alien and difficult for a common man like me from another country unaware of the rules and regulations of Australian Immigration. I can vouch for the personalised, professional, and perfectionist service that Opal Immigration Services provides.

Opal took all the complication out of the immigration process and made it easy to understand. We were impressed with their knowledge and experience in something that was totally new to us.

I found Opal Immigration Services to be very professional and efficient in the service that was provided. After explaining my objectives and goals, the advice I received on visa processes, universities and courses was well researched and appropriate for my needs, as a result my visa application was successful and I am in a course I enjoy.