Other Visas

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Non regional permanent


  • Three years’ work experience plus a skills assessment required
  • Employers must pay the training Levy

Further details

  • Salary restrictions apply
  • Labour market testing is required
  • Applicant can apply directly for permanent residency

Partner Visas

More than one approach – onshore, offshore, prospective or partner.

  • There is a minimum two year wait before a permanent visa can be applied for
  • Increase in refusals now at 13% of applications lodged at the permanent stage

Further details

  • Highly documented, complex and demanding visa application
  • Due to an increase in fraud this pathway has become more difficult, slower and more expensive.



The most common visitor visas are the SC600, family sponsored and medical treatment

For many applicants this can be a straightforward, quick process but for certain nationalities and circumstances it can be quite difficult

We assist a lot of applicants who come to see us after their application has been refused because they seemingly did not convince the case officer that they were genuine temporary entrants

One shot

The visitor visa is decided outright without any opportunity to provide additional information to the case officer.



Assisting your parents to migrate is a huge decision and a major upheaval for your parents.

Apart from cost, there are many decisions to get right: onshore, offshore, temporary, provisional or straight to permanent.


  • Health and character applies
  • Temporary (up to a maximum of 10 years, no balance of family test.
  • Onshore – for aged parents balance of family must be met
  • Offshore – balance of family must be met
  • Contributory – ‘faster’ six year processing but high cost
  • Non-contributory – low cost but 35+ years processing

General Skilled Migration


  • A skills assessment is mandatory, your occupation has to be on an applicable list.
  • Age limits and English language tests apply

Further details

You cannot apply directly for any visa in this category. You must wait to be invited. Invitations are based on ‘first in best dressed’ approach – the length of time your application has been in the queue and your points.

  • This visa is points tested
  • You may benefit from state or family sponsorship.

Other Visas


  • Recent additions to the Visa Program
  • Global Talent Employer Sponsored
  • Global Talent Independent
  • Temporary Activity – “the covid visa”


There are over 100 visa options and the above is just a sample of some of the most common. The list of criteria is not exhaustive and for most rules there is an exception, an exemption or a waiver.